Frequantly Asked Questions

When can I reserve the car?
Online reservation, you can make a reservation less than 15 days before the vehicle delivery date
We recommend making a reservation by phone .

How to make a reservation?
You can quickly make an online reservation by entering the open page, fill out and send the reservation form or preferably make a reservation by phone.

Is payment required at the time of booking?
Payment can be made on the website or after picking up the vehicle. For more information, we recommend that you contact us.
To report the status of additional services upon request.

  Is it necessary when making a reservation?
You specify at the time of booking whether you need equipment such as child seats, extra mileage or comprehensive insurance, so they can be brought to you on the rental delivery date. If you did not request this equipment at the time of booking and you requested it during the car rental delivery, the equipment will be delivered to you if it is helpful and ready. Besides the chauffeur, other optional services such as additional insurance can be agreed upon at the time of booking request or on the delivery date of the rental car.

Is there a lower age limit for renting a car?
Yes, there is a minimum age limit of 25 and a maximum age of 75. The required age for an economy or compact car is 27. The required age for middle and higher level groups is to have a vehicle license, not less than 28 years old and not less than two years old. For luxury and above groups, it is required to have a vehicle license of 30 years and at least 3 years.

Is it possible to deliver the vehicle outside the office where it was rented or in another city?
Unfortunately, the vehicle cannot be delivered at the same place and we must be informed two days before the vehicle delivery date.

How can I get reservation confirmation?
Confirmation that the reservation has been accepted will be sent to your e-mail address or phone number registered at the time of your reservation request. Please make sure your email address and phone number are correct.

How can I make changes after booking?
You can call and contact us by phone or via WhatsApp to change your reserved order. Changes will take effect after your order has been confirmed by us. However , when you have less than 48 hours to pick up the rental car , we recommend that you contact us immediately to make a change from our emergency telephone office .

How can I cancel the reservation?
To cancel your reserved order, you can call and contact us by phone or via the WhatsApp application. . However, with less than 48 hours to pick up of the car rental, we recommend that you contact our office's emergency phone immediately for cancellation.

How can I pick up and pick up the car from the international airport?
Europe Istanbul, Esenyurt office location by selecting the option during reservation or by phone or WhatsApp application.

How can I deliver the vehicle while renting a car in the city?
You can make an appointment by calling us at our office in Istanbul, Europe.

Is the vehicle delivered outside of working hours?
The vehicle is delivered at the airport or from the office between 10:00 - 19:00
Outside of working hours, you need to contact us via WhatsApp application.

What are the documents required for vehicle delivery?
Driver's license, Turkish identity card, residence permit or passport with less than 6 months of entry to Turkey, the person concerned must have a bank account or credit card in Turkey or outside of Turkey. For residents, the address is not subject to jurisdiction. If the renter is the driver of another person (maximum of two drivers), additional drivers must prepare a driver's license and TR ID number.

With which license type can I rent a car?
You can rent a car for at least two years with a domestic, foreign or international driver's license. Some vehicle groups require at least 3 years of driving license.

Intentional vehicle delivery How to pay?
You can pay by cash and credit card, current condition is Visa or MasterCard?
Can I rent the vehicle when the tank is full?
The fuel of our delivered vehicle usually has sufficient fuel on a road of at least 100 km. The vehicle is delivered with the fuel percentage taken.

Can my friend drive the car?
The vehicle cannot be used by other drivers whose license information is not registered and whose signatures are on the rental agreement. If the vehicle is damaged by an unregistered driver, the insurance will be void.

Can I travel abroad by car?
Our vehicle cannot go abroad.

What will I do in the event of an accident?
You have to stop your vehicle and call us immediately from the numbers given. And the vehicle should be parked, photos should be taken from several places, accident report should be written and photos of the other party's data should be taken.
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