Reservation & Rental Conditions

Information about car rental:

Rental period:

The shortest rental period is 4 days. In case of delayed delivery, 1/3 of the daily rate will be charged for each additional hour. For delays exceeding 3 hours in total, a full day fee will be charged including the comprehensive insurance fee.

Long term rentals:

For long term rental, the minimum rental period is 30 days. Special price applies. For information about rental prices and conditions, you can contact the Hamada Car Rental Center: 00905349159813

Receiving and delivering cars at airports:

Delivering the car and receiving it from the customer is free of charge at Hamada Company’s office in Esenyurt. As for the international airports, the fee for the new Istanbul Airport is 700 Turkish liras, and for Sabiha airport it is 1000 liras for each transaction, which provides continuous service during working hours in our offices. With the exception of international airports, vehicles cannot be received or delivered outside working hours, and you must coordinate with the office and confirm the reservation.

Driver's license - age of use:

People who are at least 25 years old and have a valid driver's license for two years can rent a car, and for luxury cars, they must be at least 27 years old.

Additional driver:

The vehicle can only be used by someone other than the renter with valid ID registration and driving licenses of drivers who comply with the driving license rules and age of use. If there is no other record and it is determined that the accident was caused by an unregistered driver, the insurances will be void.

Payment - Deposit:

All credit cards are accepted in the name of the car renter and must be valid to pay rental fees. Toll road fees (HGS) are required after receiving the car. Also, the difference in fuel level is calculated and it must be clean inside and out as it was received. If it is not clean, cleaning fees are deducted according to The condition of the vehicle is also billed for excess kilometres,

Hamada Car Rental reserves the right to change the prices, conditions and vehicle types listed in the schedule without prior notice.

Accidents and insurance:

Third party insurance or comprehensive accident insurance: In the event of an accident, God forbid

The first step: Photographing the accident. I took pictures showing all parties to the accident and the license plates of the two cars.

The second step: Photocopying the papers and information of the second party (driving certificate - car license - driver’s ID - mandatory insurance).

The third step is to contact the police and write an accident report.

Comprehensive insurance does not bear minor damages such as scratches, fractures, or shocks valued at less than 2,000 liras.

Comprehensive insurance also does not include tires and car windows.

Traffic Violations:

Please adhere to the speed limits and do not exceed the maximum speed of 140 on highways and when traveling between cities, because this will lead to the car being excluded from comprehensive insurance, even if comprehensive insurance fees have been paid.

An amount of 2000 Turkish Liras or 3000 is kept in the event that high speeds are observed or violations are reported before receiving the car from the customer as a deposit for a period of one month from the date of returning the car to ensure that there are no violations on the car during the rental period. In the event of receiving a violation, the customer is contacted in order to transfer the value. Violation.

Please follow the traffic laws in Türkiye
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