Individual Rentals

Rental requirements for newcomers to Turkey

(The age of the tenant is over 25 years old)

A copy of the passport

Entry stamp page

Residence, if any

Valid driver's license

A copy of the hotel reservation

(Bank card to pay by or transfer)

Rental requirements for residents of Türkiye

The tenant is over 25 years old

Turkish driving license

A copy of the residence or residence permit

A copy of an electricity or water bill

Residence deed from E-devlet

no conviction

(Bank account in Türkiye for car rental)


The Depozito is : 3,000 Turkish liras

And the Deposit is recovered in two parts:

2,500 TL damage Deposit, which will be returned immediately upon delivery of the car in an intact condition from scratches, breakage and damage.

And 500 TL for traffic violations insurance, which will be returned one month after the date of car delivery in the absence of any traffic violation....

The daily distance is 200 km and every 1 km increase is 2 TL

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